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Reneé is an advocate for people with Diabetes and is passionate about affordable insulin for all who need it. She spoke at President Obama and Senator Warnock's rally in December of 2022 on the need for affordable insulin. Reneé was featured in a 2023 New York Times article on the rising cost of insulin. Her Diabettie, a  website and social media profile on living with Type 1 Diabetes, had over 27 million views in 2022. Reneé has been featured by Forbes, Endocrine Web, and by the American Diabetes Association. In March of 2023, she launched the Dear Diabetes Podcast. In May of 2023, she emceed the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Hope Gala where over $2 million dollars was raised for Type 1 Diabetes research. Reneé is a speaker and emcee to a variety of Type 1 Diabetes fundraising and informational events. 


  • Her speech at President Obama and Senator Warnock's rally is below.

  • To view the New York Times article, click here

  • Her interview with American Diabetes Association si below.

  • To view her Speaker Page, click here.


To view her Diabettie social media pages, click here.

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