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5 Tips To Keep Your Freestyle Libre Sensor On!

After using the Freestyle Libre 1, 2, and 3, I have found FIVE helpful tips to help keep my way Libre sensor on!


1. Sensor Covers

I used a sensor cover for the first two months when I started using a Libre. It helped me dramatically in keeping my sensor on. I still use one when I go to the beach or pool. Click here for my video on applying a sensor cover. To purchase sensor covers, click here!

2. Not showering for 24 hours after applying a sensor!

I shower and dry my body off completely before applying a new sensor. After applying a sensor, I do not show for 24 hours afterward to help the adhesive stick.

3. Applying Skin Tac

Skin Tac is amazing. Simply put it on BEFORE you apply your new sensor. I used Skin Tac wipes and then put a sensor cover over my sensor. My Freestyle Libre was not going anywhere once I did this. *Please note, your sensor will be on your skin for days and Skin Tac makes sure it is stuck on there.

Link to Skin Tac:

4. Seat Belt Adjusted Correctly

Hitting your Freestyle Libre on something can be a bit painful. If you know, you know. I had a hard time with my seatbelt hitting my Libre sensor and that is because my seat belt was too high for me. So, I adjusted to my height and it did not hit me like beforehand. Is your seatbelt adjusted to your height correctly? Do you have a Diabetes Seatbelt Cover? Click here to purchase one.

5. Slowing Putting On/ Taking Off Your Clothes

I have bumped and pulled off many sensors simply by taking off my clothes or putting on my clothes too quickly. Clothes get caught on sensors. Hangers get caught on sensors. Go slow, and keep your sensor on. For some reason, when I am in a changing room I whip my shirt off and on and I have to remind myself to slow down!

These tips have allowed me to move from bumping a sensor off a month to keeping most all my sensors on. If you sensor stops working or comes off before the 14 days, call the Freestyle line and ask about a replacement. Their number is 1-855-632-8658.

*Please note, this is my personal experience. I am not a physician.

*I make a small commission for items sold through these links.


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