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Pool Days With My Freestyle Libre

Going to the pool and beach are part of my life. Having Type 1 Diabetes I have to plan a few things to ensure I am prepared and ready to go with my insulin, low snacks, and sensor. But, now I have the hang of it. Below are my tips on traveling to the pool or beach with Diabetes and wearing a Freestyle Libre 2. All items can be clicked on to take to the exact product.


This article includes:

*Freestyle Libre 2 Covers

*How I Keep My Insulin Cool

*Best Low Snack (for me in the heat)

*Best Beach Bags To Carry All Your Supplies & Water Gear

*Please note, I am not a doctor. This is my personal opinion and links are for information purposes only.



Can the Freestyle Libre 2 be submerged in water?

Abbott Diabetes Care, the makers of Freestyle, state:

"Sensor is water-resistant in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water. Do not immerse longer than 30 minutes."

To read their full disclosure, click here.

I generally wear a sensor when I go to the pool or ocean. This helps keep my sensor on and in place.


Insulin is important and I do not go anywhere without it. Ensuring your insulin does not get too hot at the beach or pool is necessary.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

"Insulin loses some effectiveness when exposed to extreme temperatures. The longer the exposure to extreme temperatures, the less effective the insulin becomes. This can result in loss of blood glucose control over time. Keep insulin away from direct heat and out of direct sunlight."

Safe Storage of Insulin by Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition

*For more information by DDRC on insulin, click here.

So how do I keep my insulin cool? There are two options I prefer that are easy.

I use the Frio Insulin Cooling Case. Below is a video of how I use the Frio. It's super easy and just takes some cold water to activate it. What I love is that I do not need a freezer or ice to use a Frio Cooling Case, which makes it super easy to take traveling.


The Vivi Cap is just a click and go for your insulin to stay cool in hot temperatures! No water needed.

To purchase the Vivi Cap, just click here!

My Low Snack That Can Take The Heat

Juicy Juice! These juice boxes can take the heat. I live in Georgia where it is HOT. I keep these in my car. The biggest thing I love about Juicy Juice boxes is that the apple juice boxes I get are exactly 15 carbs. The exact amount suggested to treat a regular low. I do not like to eat hot gummy bears or cookies. Juice taste just fine to me and is super easy to drink on the go.

Y'all I sleep next to a pack of Juicy Juice. That is how much it is part of my life. So, I put a couple of these juice boxes in my bag everywhere I go, including to the pool or beach. Juicy Juice has a great store on Amazon with a variety of flavors. Check the back to ensure the carb count. Click here to view their store!


Now that I have all my supplies ready, it's time to load up so I can head out to the water. Here are some of my favorite beach bags and accessories.


This x-large waterproof, washable tip, durable open tote can easily hold all your pool accessories and diabetes supplies. Click here to purchase in over 30 colors!

Neoprene Beach Tote With Inner Zipper Pocket

These bags are great at keeping heat at bay since they are made with neoprene. They offer a variety of colors. I choose this coral color bag as it is the color of the season. Click Here To Purchase!

I take visiting the great outdoor serious as well as taking care of my Type 1 Diabetes. Here I am tubing with my waterproof case down the Chattahoochee. I used one of these waterproof cases and it was secure, thankfully.

Please note I do make a small, affiliate commission for items sold through these links.


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