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Should You Touch Up Your Own Roots?

If your hair is professionally colored, chances are your hair is in major need of a salon appointment. Are your roots showing and you are thinking of using a boxed, home, hair color kit? It’s a very tempting thought that seems like a quick and easy fix. But, is it the best decision for your hair? We asked the professionals what to do. Hair colorists give us their take on what to do with your roots, if your hair is professionally colored, while salons are closed.

In 1950, only about 7% of women colored their hair, but in 2015, it’s up to about 75%.

Jason Stevens, Colorist, Los Angeles

You spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on your color, why ruin it with a $10 box color at home. Unless you are already doing box color at home, there is no reason to risk it. There is actually a lot of math and chemistry that go into coloring hair that a cosmetologist is trained in.

His advice:Now is the perfect time to try out that super, natural ombré look.Wear a hat, for now, to cover up your roots if it bothers you.

Perhaps you have seen the hashtag, #saveyourroots on social media. Most colorists work off of commission. Many colorists are asking you to save your roots for them to color to help save their business when they re-open.

Shannon Woolsey, Owner of Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon and Spa in Evansville, Indiana

Please save your roots for us! If you use a box color on yourself you could go too dark and the application will be spotty at the best. Overlapping color can result in dark rings and /or breakage. The average corrective color is a time-consuming process.

Shannon Aleksandr Salon and Spa

How long and how much does it cost to correct a bad hair die job? It could take several appointments and cost four to five times your regular price of color. We will all have roots when this is over, even your hairstylist.
TIPS In the meantime, you can give your hair a break from hot tools and blow-drying, give your locks a conditioning treatment. 1)To hide your roots try zig-zagging your part 2)Use a root touch up spray or eye shadow 3)Color Wow is a great product to hide grey hair
4)Wear your hair curly 5)Wear a cute hat! Roots won’t kill you but this virus will. #saveyourroots. Visit Shannon at

For me, I will be saving my roots as seen above. What about you?

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