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Top 5 Poshmark Tips

Are you interested in how to sell on Poshmark or how to grow your Poshmark sales? My article and video below give the specifics I use, personally, that have grown my Poshmark store exponentially.

This is my Poshmark Review of why it is superior to other reselling services.

I like Poshmark’s reselling app as it’s easy to sell and easy to ship. The app offers a simple way to list items you want to sell and a specific percentage they take as profit. Nor more guessing games with Paypal or eBay, it shows you exactly what your net profit from the sale will be. The buyer pays for the shipping, although the seller can offer discounts or free shipping if they like. All Poshmark shipping is through USPS Priority Mail, where you can use USPS free shipping materials for this service. This saves the reseller so much money and time. Simply print off the pre-printed shipping label Poshmark emails you after the sale of an item. The package includes tracking and is insured.

But, before you can ship an item you need to SELL an item. Here is a video of the specific items I use for my Poshmark closet. It took me a couple of years to find how to step my game up and have a more professional look to my closet. But, I don’t want others to have to just figure it out along the way. Here are specific tips to help you turn your Poshmark closet to a powerhouse of sales.


To sell on Poshmark you just need a smartphone and their app. If you are just trying out reselling, and are a Poshmark beginner, just stick with the basics to see if you enjoy it first. Try out selling things that are in good condition, but you no longer use them. Clothing, purses, shoes, and more sell well. But, if you are ready to take it to the next level, professional images are key. Now, for less than $200 you can have the tools needed to start your own professional looking reseller store. Watch the video now!

Here are links to the specific items as seen in my video. Just click on the item to be taken directly to it on Amazon.

New to Poshmark? Use referral code Poshmark00_ (that is an underscore) for a $10 Poshmark credit.

Mannequin Link

Clothing Reseller Inventory Log Book

Ring Light

Foam Board


Pic Tap Go App

*Please note, Amazon prices fluctuate. These were the prices on the day of filming.

Looking for more things to try? Visit:

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