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Social Media


  • Do you want to create videos for social media without it making you a nervous wreck?

  • Would you like to come up with ideas for social media easily and without it feeling cumbersome?

  • Do you get nervous on camera and want to feel more at ease?​

As a previous television host and improviser, I have learned a variety of ways to best speak in front of a camera and an audience. Often times a camera and an audience come as a packaged deal whether it's in person or online.  I teach people how to get more comfortable on camera and be their best spokesperson. As a successful content creator, I can help you navigate social media with more ease. Together, we can specify your niche and generate ideas for your business that work for social media content.


* As a social media coach,  I am the author of  "How To Find Your Niche." Additionally, I  create my own social media reels and have gained national exposure. In 2022 I was featured in The New York Times,, and I was a speaker on the need for affordable insulin at President Obama and Senator Warnock's rally. My social media videos received over 11 million views in the past year. I have a Social Marketing Certification from Hootsuite.

To view my book, click here.

To view my Tiktok, click here.

Coaching Topics Include: 

  • Learning how to talk to the camera comfortably.

  • Getting used to hearing your own voice.

  • Learn breathing techniques and body movements to help you relax.

  • How to generate multiple ideas for content.

  • Planning specifics of what you want to say and getting prepared to create stellar content.

  • How to find trending music.

  • You can be serious, informative, or silly!  Social media video reels are great for anyone.

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