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"Renee was great to work with! She was a great coach for our virtual workshop educating local business owners about social media! The entrepreneurs appreciated the tips Renee shared that they could apply to their own accounts and received immediate feedback for their questions. I would recommend Renee’s course to anyone needing more confidence in their social media presence!


- Meagan Nicholson, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce 


Image Credit: Ben Rose Photography

Reneé is a former television host who speaks on niche strategies in social media and on the need for affordable insulin. Her Diabettie, a website and social media handle for people with Type 1 Diabetes, saw over 27 million views on social media in 2022. Seven of her videos in 2022 had over one million views each. She has been featured in The New York Times, Endocrine Web, and Forbes. In December of 2022, she spoke at a President Obama and Senator Warnock rally on the need for affordable insulin. Reneé's social media events focus on informational sessions with workshops that share the exact methods she used to gain national exposure with her videos and voice. 

Social media topics she speaks on:

  • Social Media Reign Without a Million-Follower Crown: Unlock Your Path to Prosperity!

  • Elevate Your Influence: Embracing the Power of Niche in Social Media

  • Lights, Camera, Confidence: A Guide to Getting Comfortable on Camera

"We were so lucky to have Renee host our 2023 TypeOneNation Summit and 2023 Hope Gala. Renee's passion for T1D research and advocacy is inspiring and translates to the energy, warmth, and humor she brings to the stage." – Nicole Schroeder, JDRF Georgia, and South Carolina Chapter Development Manager

For dedicated information on her diabetes speaking engagements, please visit her Diabetes Speaker page.

Would you like Reneé to speak at your next event? Click here to contact her.

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