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"We were so lucky to have Renee host our 2023 TypeOneNation Summit and 2023 Hope Gala. Renee's passion for T1D research and advocacy is inspiring and translates to the energy, warmth, and humor she brings to the stage." – Nicole Schroeder, JDRF Georgia, and South Carolina Chapter Development Manager

Reneé, AKA Diabettie, is a speaker on:

  • The need for affordable insulin

  • The current state of insulin

  • How to be your own best advocate

  • Staying positive when diabetes is hard


Live Demonstrations:

  • Mocktails for better blood sugar

  • Glucose meters and test strips with their best practices so you don't error out

She is well-versed in and has worn:

  • The Freestyle Libre continuous glucose meter system.

  • Dexcom G6 continuous glucose meter

  • Omnipod 5 tubeless insulin pump

12/1/22: Speaking at President Obama and Senator Warnock's rally on the need for affordable insulin. 

11/10/2023: Speaking at Senator Warnock's rally on the importance of affordable insulin. 

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