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  • Featured in The New York Times on affordable insulin. Click here for the article.

  • Speaker at Former President Obama and Reverand Warnock Rally on the need for affordable insulin. (Video Below)

  • Moderator at the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Georgia TypeOne Nation Summit in 2/2023

  • Emcee at the JDRF Georgia Gala in 5/2023.

  • Speaker at the American Diabetes Association's 2022 State of Diabetes Education & Awareness Summit.

  • Reneé Rayles, AKA Diabettie, is a former television host and uses her voice to advocate for people with diabetes.

  • Featured on the American Diabetes Association's social media on, "How I manage my diabetes."

  • Featured in the Endocrine Web article "How to talk to people about your diabetes." The article can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Featured in

  • Interview on The American Diabetes Association's Be A Friend Friday.

Diabettie's Social Media Links can be found by clicking here.


12/1/22: President Obama and Senator Raphael Warnock rally. Reneé spoke on the need for affordable insulin for all. 

11/30/22: Featured in The New York Times article, "A Resonant Topic in Georgia’s Senate Runoff: Insulin Prices." Click here to view the article.















11/10/22: Spoke at Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock's kick-off rally to his runoff election. Senator Raphael Warnock wrote the bill that capped insulin at $35 for Medicare patients. 











10/22: Reneé was the featured Patient Testimonial at the American Diabetes Association's 2022 State of Diabetes Education & Awareness Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.  Additionally, she did a live demonstration of applying a Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor and how to remove the used one. 






9/22: Diabettie and Reneé were featured in the JDRF of Georgia and South Carolina's mailing to late onset Type 1's that had registered with them since the start of the pandemic. 

8/22: Reneé demonstrated a mocktail from her book, "It's a Mocktail" to the JDRF Young Leadership Committee in Atlanta, GA. 

4/22:  She spoke at the American Diabetes Association of Georgia's board meeting about her personal journey with Type 1 Diabetes and the cost of insulin.

Would you like Reneé to speak at your next event? Would you like to work together? Contact her at

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